Unveiling the Talented Team at Ledgewood Fine Stationery

Unveiling the Talented Team at Ledgewood Fine Stationery

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ledgewood Fine Stationery, where creativity, elegance, and passion converge to craft exquisite paper goods. Meet the creative minds behind the scenes who bring dreams to life with their expertise and dedication. This talented team is committed to delivering top-notch stationery for every occasion. Let's dive into the captivating journey of the creative team at Ledgewood Fine Stationery.

Frances - The Creative Visionary

Hi Everyone! I'm Frances, the owner and lead designer at Ledgewood Fine Stationery. I'm from Florence, Alabama and graduated from the University of North Alabama. I have two decades of experience in the stationery industry and have worked with thousands of brides throughout my career. This experience has enabled me to display my vast knowledge of stationery and invitation etiquette. My husband, Brent and I have three children, Sadie, Wesley, and Sophie (and two fur babies Sassy and Sparky). When I'm not creating pretty paper goods, I enjoy spending quality time with my family such as painting nails with Sadie, throwing ball with Wesley, or running after Sophie (she's EVERYWHERE!!). When time allows, I enjoy cuddling up on the couch with Brent and watching a good movie while snacking on my favorite special treat... chocolate!

Sadie has made the All Star Softball Team and Wesley made the All Star Tee-Ball Team (GO MONROVIA!) So we spend most all nights and weekends at the ball field. I am loving the life as a "Ball Park Mama!"


Ruth-Anne - The Detail-Oriented Maven

As the meticulous studio assistant at Ledgewood Fine Stationery, Ruth-Anne ensures that every aspect of the business is finely tuned to perfection. From overseeing the packaging of paper goods to managing studio projects, she goes above and beyond to make sure all paper goods are beautifully packaged and shipped. She is married to Brian and is the mother to Kennedy and Hadley. When not working on pretty paper goods, she enjoys girl time with her daughters and day trips with her husband. She loves soaking up the time she has making memories with her family, making every milestone a celebration.

And if you know Ruth-Anne... you know that she is a HOOT. Funny and loud, we love her spirit and bringing laughter to the workplace!

Amanda - The Administrative Dynamo

Meet Amanda, the administrative powerhouse at Ledgewood Fine Stationery. Behind the scenes, she orchestrates special projects with precision and finesse, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Not only does she keep things running seamlessly behind the scenes, but she also adds her creative touch to our social media content. Amanda is a boy mom to Levi and Ryan, and married to her high school sweetheart Jeremy. When not working with pretty paper, she enjoys spending time with her family and trying out new recipes for cooking and baking.

Amanda's sweet personality brings a soft tone to the office and we love how she is up for any challenge and to follow through with any of my stationery ideas!!

Collaborative Brilliance

Our collaborative efforts blend creativity, attention to detail, and operational efficiency seamlessly. Together, we form a dynamic team that transforms visions into reality, exceeding expectations with every project we undertake. The harmonious balance of our individual strengths creates a powerhouse of talent that sets Ledgewood Fine Stationery apart in the industry.

Customer-Centric Approach

Ledgewood Fine Stationery prioritizes personalized service and attention to detail. From the initial consultation to the final product delivery, we ensure that every client's needs are met with care and dedication. Our commitment to excellence and passion shines through in every interaction, fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust and quality.

We are so glad you are here and following along on our journey!!! Looking forward to celebrating our TEN year anniversary next year - with something BIG! Stay tuned for more fun and fabulous paper goods!!

With Love, Frances

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