The Art of Formal Wedding Invitation Wording

The Art of Formal Wedding Invitation Wording

Inviting Guests with Elegance and Grace

Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests will have into your special day, setting the tone for the event to come. Crafting the perfect formal wedding invitation wording is essential to convey the elegance and significance of the occasion. From requesting the pleasure of your guests' company to inviting them to share in your joy, each word carries meaning and sets the stage for a memorable celebration.

The Basics of Formal Wedding Invitation

When it comes to formal wedding invitations, there are essential details that should always be included to ensure clarity for your guests. These details typically consist of the bride's name, groom's name, date and time of the ceremony, as well as the venues for both the ceremony and reception. Providing this information upfront sets the foundation for a well-organized and informative invitation.

Crafting the Request Line

The request line on your wedding invitation sets the tone for the event and conveys the sentiment of inviting your guests to share in your special day. There are several traditional and elegant ways to phrase the request line, each adding a touch of sophistication to your invitation. From requesting the pleasure of their company to inviting them to join in the celebration of your union, the wording sets the stage for a formal and elegant affair.

Traditional Phrases for Request Line

Traditional wedding invitation wording often includes phrases that have stood the test of time for their elegance and grace. Phrases like "request the honor of your presence" or "invite you to share in their joy at the marriage of their daughter" evoke a sense of tradition and formality, perfect for a classic and timeless wedding celebration. These phrases add a touch of sophistication to your invitations, setting the tone for a formal affair. Another popular formal phrase used is "request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter".

Modern and Personalized Approaches

While traditional wording has its charm, many couples opt for modern and personalized approaches to their wedding invitation wording. Adding a personal touch to your invitations can reflect your unique style and personality as a couple such as "request the pleasure of your company at the celebration of their union", "invite you to share in their joy as they become husband and wife", or "together with their families". Whether you choose to use a more casual tone or incorporate elements that are meaningful to you, personalized wording can set your invitations apart and make them truly special. 

Pro Tip: “Request the honor/honour of your presence” is typically used for religious ceremonies held in a church, temple, or another place of worship. You may choose to use either the American spelling (honor) or the British spelling (honour), either is correct. If you choose to use the British spelling you should match the formality on your reply card by using “favour of your reply”.  If your wedding will be held at a non-religious venue, use the phrase “request the pleasure of your company” or another more casual request line instead.


Deceased Parent

Because a deceased parent cannot technically request the presence of guests or issue an invitation, you’ll typically want to leave them off of your invitation. If the widowed parent has been remarried for some time, you might want to include the step parent’s name instead (using the same rules from above). However, if it’s important to you to honor a deceased parent, you can include “the late” in front of their name.


Crafting the perfect formal wedding invitation wording is an art that allows you to invite your guests with elegance and grace. From the basics of including essential details to crafting the request line with traditional or personalized phrases, each word plays a vital role in setting the tone for your special day. By reflecting the tone of your wedding and infusing your invitations with meaning, you can create a memorable and meaningful experience for both you and your guests.

With Love, Frances

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