A Deep Dive into the World of Calligraphy

A Deep Dive into the World of Calligraphy

A Deep Dive into the World of Calligraphy

Welcome to our blog feature of the week, where we shine a spotlight on the talented Suzanne Cunningham, a professional calligrapher with over 30 years of experience. Suzanne's expertise lies in creating exquisite wedding invitations, envelope addressing, monograms, and commissioned keepsake pieces. Join us as we explore the intricate world of calligraphy through Suzanne's eyes.

Meet Suzanne Cunningham

Suzanne's journey into the art of calligraphy began over three decades ago. Her passion for beautiful lettering and intricate designs led her to explore various scripts such as Copperplate, Spencerian, Imperial, Opus Vertical, and Modern. Through dedication and practice, Suzanne honed her skills to become a sought-after calligrapher in the industry.
LFS: Tell us how you got started on your amazing calligraphy journey!
Suzanne: I have loved calligraphy my whole life. My first encounter with it was the Speedball Textbook, 19th edition. My mother was an artist and would do Old English calligraphy from it. As a child, I would copy the letters from the Engrosser’s Script page with a pencil or ballpoint pen. I didn’t realize it was calligraphy I was copying, I just knew I wanted to create the same beautiful letters.
In 1993, I took samples of my calligraphy to several stationery stores and began addressing wedding envelopes. There was no social media, so I had no advertisement other than word of mouth. I had many brides that would save envelopes they had received from other weddings, yet would still choose my work over other envelopes. This was a huge blessing and helped me get my name out to the public. Later on, Instagram became my way of advertising my work and was a game changer.
LFS: What's the most common error you see on the guest list when addressing envelopes? 
Suzanne: I see two errors frequently on a bride’s guest list: 
The first is the misuse of Ms. and Miss. The title Ms. denotes a woman who is 1) divorced and took back her maiden name, 2) married and kept her maiden name, and 3) single, over 18 years old, and living on her own (not with her parents). The title Miss stands for a single female living at home with her parents. 
The second frequent error is the listing of a couple not married, but living together. The correct way to address this is with the female on the top line and the male on the second line. 
LFS: Are you seeing more brides going to one envelope vs. the traditional inner and outer envelopes?
Suzanne: Most of my wedding envelope orders still have the traditional outer and inner envelope. I see a single envelope about 25% of the time. 
LFS: What is your favorite style calligraphy choice? (whether style, color, etc!)
Suzanne: My favorite style for wedding envelopes is a flourished, Copperplate script. It is timeless, elegant, and will never go out of style! I love a classic black ink and love gold ink as well. 
LFS: If you could tell the bride ONE thing when deciding on calligraphy for her envelopes, what would that be?
Suzanne: The advice I would give to brides about calligraphy on envelopes is that the style of calligraphy needs to complement the style and feel of the wedding. For example, if it’s a 2:00 garden wedding, a formal, flourished Copperplate might not suit as well as a relaxed, modern script.
LFS: Any advice for brides wanting to use you for calligraphy on their envelopes?
Suzanne: For anyone needing my calligraphy services, my best advice would be to inquire and book early by contacting me at suz822cunningham@gmail.com. Calligraphy is a meticulous job and needs to be done slowly in order for it to look good. I book up far in advance because it’s not a quick process, unlike printing an address.
I think a beautifully calligraphed envelope sets the stylistic tone of what’s to come. It serves as the guest’s first sneak peak of the creative elements of the wedding. You want to wow your guests! 

Teaching and Workshops

In addition to her professional work, Suzanne is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and passion for calligraphy with others. She conducts both online and in-person workshops across the country, inspiring aspiring calligraphers to explore the beauty of this art form. Her teaching style is engaging and supportive, making the learning process enjoyable and rewarding. You can get more information on her classes online at https://www.learncalligraphy.com/suzanne


Suzanne Cunningham's journey as a professional calligrapher is a testament to the timeless beauty and artistry of this craft. Her dedication, talent, and contributions to the calligraphy community have made her a respected figure in the industry. Through her exquisite designs and passion for teaching, Suzanne continues to inspire and elevate the world of calligraphy. Check out Suzanne Cunningham's work on her Instagram at @suzcunningham or inquire her services by e-mailing her at suz822cunningham@gmail.com 
With Love, Frances

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